Group uses loft parties to try to lure more residents to Detroit

May 7, 2011

There’s another effort underway to get more people to move to the city of Detroit.

This latest one is called 11-11-11, as in: 1,100 new Detroit residents by November 11, 2011.

The group behind the project is called MOVE Detroit. It’s made up of a dozen young professionals and real estate brokers who work in the city. The group will throw parties throughout the summer at lofts around Detroit. Folks will be treated to free food and drinks, and they’ll be able to tour available loft units.

Kees Janeway is the group’s president. He says people at the party will also get a chance to mingle with folks who already live in Detroit:

"The residents are the best ambassadors. They’re down here, they live in the trenches so to speak, and they know about all the cool and great things the city has to offer."

The first loft party is Friday, May 13.

A similar, albeit much bigger initiative called 15x15 is already underway, where several Detroit businesses  offer incentives to get 15,000 people to move to Detroit by 2015.