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Growing opposition to proposed Lake Huron nuclear waste facility

Aug 28, 2014

A Michigan congressman is the latest to stand up against plans for a nuclear waste storage facility on the Ontario side of Lake Huron.

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Flint) announces his plans to file a resolution against the proposed nuclear waste storage facility during a news conference on the deck of the Appledore IV in the Saginaw River in Bay City
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Ontario Power Generation wants to store its nuclear waste at the site which is less than a mile from the Canadian shore of Lake Huron. 

Congressman Dan Kildee says he’ll introduce a resolution next month calling on Canadian officials to rethink plans for the waste facility.

Many Michigan local governments and groups have also voiced their opposition.

However, the Canadian government is under no obligation to respond to the growing chorus of opposition.

Kildee says his office has been talking with their Canadian counterparts about their concerns.

“They have accepted our input. Obviously in a very diplomatic fashion,” says Kildee.    

Terry Miller is concerned Canadian officials aren’t listening.

Miller is the chairman of the environmental group the Lone Tree Council.

“We have a wonderful relationship generally with the Canadians,” says Miller, “But whether they’ll listen is another question.  And whether the company responsible will listen…I think that’s key.”  

Ontario Power Generation insists the site is geologically stable so that nuclear waste stored there would pose no threat to the surrounding area. 

There will be a public hearing on the proposed nuclear waste facility next month.