Gubernatorial candidates spar over handling of Larry Nassar case

Sep 21, 2018

Credit Michigan Attorney General's office

The handling of the Larry Nassar case has taken center stage in the governor’s race. Nassar is the former Michigan State University sports doctor who’s in prison for sexual assault.

The office of the Republican candidate for governor, Attorney General Bill Schuette, prosecuted Nassar in state court.

“My team at the Department of Attorney General had the capacity, had the ability, and we had the will to do this case,” he says.

The GOP recently released an ad saying that the Democratic candidate for governor, Gretchen Whitmer, refused to prosecute Nassar. Whitmer was temporarily the Ingham County prosecutor at the time the case went through the office.

Schuette refused to respond directly to the ad on Friday. But he said that Whitmer did not refer the case to his office. Instead the Michigan State University Chief of Police did.

Whitmer says Schuette and Republicans should not politicize this case.

“I’ve had it with these guys who want to use this Nassar case as a political gimmick for their own sick political gain,” she says.

Whitmer says she didn’t refuse to prosecute Nassar.        

At the time, Schuette said his office was in the best position to prosecute the case because it involved multiple counties.