Gun control advocates say Snyder should veto concealed pistol legislation

Dec 14, 2012

The school shooting in Connecticut has prompted calls for Governor Rick Snyder to veto legislation that would allow concealed guns in public schools, churches, and day care centers.

Those are currently “no-carry” zones.

The legislation would limit the right only to people with concealed pistol licenses and extended training.

Jessica Tramontana is with the group Progress Michigan. She said those controls are not enough.

“Even if people have to go through additional hoops to verify that they know how to use this gun and supposedly do it safely, I don’t think how any child or any person could be better served by a gun in a school,” Tramontana said.

Michigan's chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics joined gun control advocates in urging Mr. Snyder to veto the bill. In a letter today, the group's president, Lia Gaggino, wrote:

“As physicians, adults and those responsible for the care and protection of innocent children we implore Governor Snyder to veto this dangerous, unnecessary legislation."

Gun rights advocates say concealed pistol holders can help keep the public safe by stopping violent situations before police are called to the scene. Connecticut law does not allow firearms on school property.

Governor Snyder’s administration was officially neutral on the Michigan legislation. His office will only say he’s carefully looking at the bills.