Gun-rights activists rally at state Capitol | Michigan Radio

Gun-rights activists rally at state Capitol

Apr 29, 2015

Governor Rick Snyder today renewed his opposition to allowing people to openly carry firearms in schools. He made the remarks while pro-gun activists rallied down the street outside the state Capitol.

Pro-gun activists rallied outside the state Capitol on Tuesday for their annual ‘Second Amendment March’ openly carrying firearms.
Credit Jake Neher / MPRN

 “What we’d like to see as a compromise is to allow concealed carry in schools. That will help alleviate the problem of any disruptions caused from carry,” said rally organizer Brady Schickinger, who directs the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

Right now, concealed guns are banned in schools. But people with concealed pistol licenses can openly carry.   

The governor says he’d be willing to allow concealed carry – as long as schools can opt out and ban guns altogether.

“I would imagine there’ll probably be ongoing discussion,” Snyder said. “Open carry in Michigan schools is not a good thing. And most states don’t allow it.”

The Ann Arbor school district faces a legal challenge over its recent move to ban guns. The move stemmed from a disruption caused by a family member who openly carried a firearm on school grounds.