Here are 100 reasons why people stay in Michigan | Michigan Radio

Here are 100 reasons why people stay in Michigan

May 15, 2014

Last Friday, we asked people to share a photo that represents why they stay in Michigan.

So far, people have shared thousands of photos and tweets using the hashtag #whyIstay.

Public radio stations all over the country are asking their communities the same question. Here's a collection showing all the responses.

In Michigan, there are those who say they stay because they're stuck - that their job keeps them here, or that they don't have the money to move.

But the vast majority of people shared photos representing family, friends, special places, and "home."

Scroll below to see a sampling, and share your own!

(If the photos don't load for you, click here.)

We'll watch this hashtag for another week and post a final roundup next Friday, May 23.

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