Here's a pączki map for the Michigan Diaspora | Michigan Radio

Here's a pączki map for the Michigan Diaspora

Feb 8, 2016

As people across the nation celebrate Mardi Gras on Tuesday, many a Michigander will celebrate what some folks endearingly call Pączki (poonch-KEY) Day by eating a mega-calorie packing deep-fried Polish doughnut.

Over the past few decades, Michigan lost more residents than any other state. That means thousands of our kind relocated to a metro-area which may be lacking a Polish-American population, and therefore, lacking places to purchase a precious Pączki.

In order to ensure our displaced Michiganders do not go Pączki-less on Tuesday, Michigan Radio has compiled a list of Pączki purveyors in major metro-areas around the United States.

Be forewarned, some of the shops listed may only be selling Pączki on Fat Tuesday, so make sure you call ahead.

If you know of more locations, please share in the comment section. 

(We did not include Mid-Western cities like Chicago or St. Louis which have large Polish-American communities with easy Pączki accessibility. Because there are so many, we selected the top-rated establishment on Yelp in NYC, and we also did not include chain supermarkets.)