Historian downplays white supremacist warnings of Antifa group's plan for November protest

Oct 14, 2017

Self-proclaimed anti-fascist groups are expected to launch protests against President Trump on November 4th in Michigan and elsewhere.

Anti-fascist groups have risen in public awareness as far-right and white supremacist groups have become more vocal.   When the two sides meet, there has been violence.

Not surprisingly, when social media started circulating talk of antifa groups planning protests, alt-right groups and extreme right commentators started talking about the possible start of a ‘civil war’.

But Mark Bray doesn’t think so. The Dartmouth historian wrote the book on the antifa movement.

“Yeah, it's not actually a day of action that most anti-fascist groups are participating in,” says Bray, “I believe the call was launched by ‘RefuseFascism’, which is linked to the Revolutionary Communist Party.   They don’t reflect the entirety of the movement and I think it has been really way blown out of proportion by the far right.”

Bray spoke last week at the University of Michigan-Flint.