House committee subpoenas former Whitmer health chief | Michigan Radio

House committee subpoenas former Whitmer health chief

Apr 22, 2021

Credit Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

The state House Oversight Committee approved a subpoena Thursday to require former state health department director Robert Gordon to testify.

Republicans have questions on the use of confidentiality agreements when Governor Gretchen Whitmer and top administration officials parted ways. Also whether Gordon differed with Whitmer’s decisions on the state’s COVID-19 response.

Representative Steve Johnson (R-Wayland) is the oversight committee chair. He said the committee’s been looking into the Whitmer administration’s use of confidentiality deals.

“And now we are to the point where I would like to move forward with issuing a subpoena,” he said.

The committee vote was party-line – six Republicans voted “yes” and three Democrats “no.”

Attorney Kenneth Baer says Gordon will show up.

“While Robert strongly believes that public officials should be able to receive confidential advice from their senior leaders, he will, of course, honor this subpoena and testify,” said Gordon.

The committee is scheduled to hear Gordon’s testimony on Thursday of next week either in person or online.