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How Michigan tourism campaigns evolved over the last century

May 9, 2018

If you recognize the lyric, "Yes Michigan! The feeling’s forever," you’re probably not alone (and no longer in your 20s). The words stem from the “Yes Michigan” tourism ad campaign from the 1980s.

Credit Michigan History Center

Tourism is part of the lifeblood of Michigan. Last year, out-of-state visitors spent more than $2 billion while touring our peninsulas.

But just when did Michigan tourism campaigns begin?

Mark Harvey, state archivist with the Michigan History Center, joined Stateside to talk about the evolution of tourist advertisement campaigns for the state of Michigan. Also in the conversation is Michigan Public Radio Network's Rick Pluta.

Listen above to hear the beginning of what became over a century of advertisement campaigns to Michigan; how the tourism industry helped develop Michigan's economy; and the ways politicians used these campaigns to benefit their own administrations.  

For those interested in celebrating our state, the Michigan History Center in Lansing is hosting a "Say Yes! to Michigan" Day this Saturday, May 12.

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