How music can open a conversation about gun violence | Michigan Radio

How music can open a conversation about gun violence

Sep 23, 2016

On Sunday, there will be more than 300 concerts being held across the United States as part of the event "Concert Across America to End Gun Violence." One of those concerts will be held in Ann Arbor. 

Kevin Fitzgerald is conducting roughly 40 Michigan-based musicians in the show. The goal is to raise awareness and continue a conversation about gun violence in hopes of ultimately finding solutions to what he calls a "major crisis" in our country. 

"The concert, as part of this nationwide event, is supposed to bring the community together into one place to really think about this issue and reflect on it through this artistic offering of a concert," said Fitzgerald.

Ann Arbor isn't the only city in Michigan holding a concert on Sunday. Other locations include Bloomfield Hills, Lansing, Oxford, Grand Rapids and Muskegon. 

Listen to the full interview above to hear Fitzgerald explain why the interfaith facility called Genesis is a "perfect venue for the concert" and who will be performing at the show. 

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