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How to trick-or-treat, global pandemic style

Sep 25, 2020

Grab your broomsticks and cauldrons, witches. It’s time to start planning your pandemic Halloween. Of course, things will look a little differently this year. The Centers for Disease Control is advising against things like indoor haunted houses, boozy costume parties, and most heartbreakingly, door-to-door trick or treating.

Instead, the agency suggests leaving a bowl of individually wrapped candy at the end of a driveway for kids to pick up from a safe distance. But, why not get a little more creative? 

That’s what carpenter Matt Thompson in Garden City did. 

He created a Halloween zipline for socially distant trick or treating by stringing a metal cable from his porch to the sidewalk about thirty feet away.

In a video Thompson posted on Facebook a couple of days ago, the ghost flies down the zipline to a tiny ghostbuster and her dad waiting on the sidewalk. Thompson says he wants the things he builds to bring some fun and laughter into the world.

“You know, you just gotta reinvent ways of doing things in life, you know there’s roadblocks in life, you just gotta find a workaround,” said Thompson.

That seems like pretty good advice for all of us in 2020.