Howes: Clinton, Trump "fundamentally dishonest with a lot of average working folks" | Michigan Radio

Howes: Clinton, Trump "fundamentally dishonest with a lot of average working folks"

Nov 3, 2016


With the clock ticking down on the presidential campaign, Michigan and its 16 electoral votes are in the spotlight.

The candidates and the high-profile people campaigning for them are virtually tripping over each other as they criss-cross the state.

Yesterday Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., former President Bill Clinton, and Bernie Sanders were in Michigan. Today, Ivanka Trump is in Rochester, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence campaigns in Portage.

And there will be more rallies tomorrow. First Pence in Lansing, and then Hillary Clinton in Detroit’s Eastern Market, and Eric Trump will work his way through Michigan.

Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes believes all this activity proves the Mitten is in play.

Clinton has lost 12 points in the last 10 days in Michigan, a shift that Howes thinks is responsible for the extra attention.

"I think the other thing that they're very concerned about is that they don't detect enthusiasm among the African American community in Detroit," he said.

He also told us that both Clinton and Trump have been selling the working class a false bill of goods.

"Both these candidates are pretty fundamentally dishonest with a lot of average working folks and seem to suggest that they can go back to the '70s all over again, and the reality is that's not going to happen," Howes said.

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