I-75 construction starts Saturday and won't be done until 2019 | Michigan Radio

I-75 construction starts Saturday and won't be done until 2019

Feb 2, 2017

A two-year-long construction project on I-75 will complicate things for some Detroit-area commuters.

Southbound I-75 will close from Springwells street in Detroit to Northline Road in Southgate starting Saturday.

The construction project looks to make improvements to the Rouge River Bridge, fix patches of rough concrete, and increase safety on the highway through technological advancements.

While the biggest inconvenience will be to people who live in the downriver-Detroit area, travelers driving between Detroit and Toledo will face some complications finding alternate routes.

Diane Cross, a spokesperson with the Michigan Department of Transportation, said I-96 west would be the best detour for most drivers.

“Take that west all the way out to 275, and then 275 runs south all the way back into 75 south in Monroe,” Cross said.

Cross said this detour will add about 25 miles to drivers' commutes, and that M-DOT has taken measures to help direct drivers.

“We've gone throughout the route and added signs showing the route, the detour route and then covering some of the I-75 signs so that people don't get confused,” she said.

Northbound I-75 will stay open for the entirety of the project, but will go from four lanes to three in the area near the Rouge River Bridge.