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If you can't avoid potholes, track them

Feb 14, 2011

Before April showers can bring May flowers, January snows bring February potholes. Roads all across Michigan are showing the strain of the premature Spring thaw, with in some cases cavernous holes opening up.

Potholes jangle the nerves and damage vehicles. The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) is offering a website that will help identify where the worst of the worst potholes are. Mike Nystrom is the executive vice president with MITA. He says Michigan motorists pay a high price for potholes.

"Driving on pothole-riddled roads costs each Michigan motorist an average of $370 a year, and the average pothole repair can run even higher, and you can't put a price tag on the frustration some of these potholes can cause."

Remember, January snows not only bring February potholes, they also bring repair bills come March.

For roads maintained by the State of Michigan you can also go to their Report a Pothole page, and if you'd like to know how potholes are born - the state has this "Birth of a Pothole" graphic for you.