IJP: Breaking down state’s 2017 budget, priorities

Jun 30, 2016

Credit It's Just Politics with Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta

With the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan to set the scene, Governor Snyder on Wednesday signed the new $38.8 billion state budget. 

There were some unexpected revenue shortfalls to deal with. State revenues came up more than $300 million short, largely due to corporate tax credits. There was also a $100 million spike in Medicaid payments. 

The new budget brings the total amount of money sent to Flint up to about $230 million. Some of that will be in supplemental appropriations to this year's budget that will get to Flint more quickly, and other funding kicks this fall. 

We turned to our It's Just Politics team of Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta​ to help us break it all down. 


Zoe Clark is Michigan Radio's interim program
director and co-host of It's Just Politics

Rick Pluta covers Michigan's Capitol, government and politics for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He also co-hosts It's Just Politics. He tweets @rickpluta.