IJP team recaps call-in with Gov. Snyder

Mar 9, 2015

Governor Rick Snyder was at the Michigan Radio studios earlier today for a special call-in program, taking your questions. The show was hosted by Rick Pluta, Lansing Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He is also the co-host along with Zoe Clark of It's Just Politics.

Governor Snyder was at the Michigan Radio studios today to answer listener's questions.
Credit gophouse.com

Pluta said one of the most interesting things he heard was what the governor had to say about an Obamacare case before the United States Supreme Court. Snyder said he might need to revisit the issue of a state-run health care exchange, depending on how the court rules in a very technical case on subsidies for people who sign up for health insurance through the federal exchange.

“That raises a question: should we be looking at a state exchange again? And that’s a dialog I’d have to have with the legislature,” Snyder said. “It was interesting that at one point I had the House in favor of a state exchange, then I couldn’t get the Senate, and then later the Senate wanted an exchange and vice versa. So that’s a fair question that would have to be asked, assuming that the decision comes out in an adverse fashion.”

Clark added that roads were the main focus of listeners’ questions: Proposition One, the vote in May on raising money for roads.

“It was interesting what the governor had to say because a lot of the questions were about, ‘Hey, why should we vote for this proposal if lawmakers just couldn’t figure it out themselves? This is their job, so why didn’t they do their work, why are we cleaning up for them?'” Clark said.

The governor asked voters not to let their frustration with the Legislature prevent them from solving the problem in May.