Influential radical Imam “a nuisance” in Dearborn’s Muslim community | Michigan Radio

Influential radical Imam “a nuisance” in Dearborn’s Muslim community

Jun 9, 2017

One of the men behind the attacks in London on Saturday had closely followed the teachings of a radical American preacher, according to one of his friends.

That preacher is from Dearborn, Michigan, where the BBC’s Aleem Maqbool tried to catch up with him.

According to Maqbool, the cleric, Ahmad Musa Jibril is a popular online voice among Britons who go to fight with the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.

Maqbool talks to a friend of one of the alleged London-attackers, who says Jibril’s videos helped radicalize his friend.

Maqbool wasn’t able to track down Jibril in Dearborn, but talked to his neighbors, who said Jibril seemed “nice and friendly”, and they had no idea about the videos Jibril publishes online.

The FBI and other enforcement agencies tried to stop Jibril for years, but officials say they were never able to find evidence Jibril broke any laws.

Listen to the Maqbool’s entire story produced for the BBC, above.

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