Inkster avoids emergency manager, Michigan governor approves 'consent agreement'

Mar 9, 2012

Governor Snyder today signed off on a consent agreement for the city of Inkster.

The move will help the southeast Michigan city avoid getting an emergency manager.

A team appointed by the governor to review the city of Inkster’s financial condition recommended a consent agreement with the city.  The Inkster city council signed off on the agreement last week.

The governor says the consent agreement will allow the state to “assist Inkster’s elected officials, in moving their city forward and returning it to a solid financial footing.”

Inkster has been struggling to close a multi-million dollar budget deficit.    Even though the city is still in ‘financial stress’, the governor’s review team believes that a plan can be devised to solve the problem without the need for the appointment of an emergency manager. 

Any plans to fix Inkster’s budget problems will likely affect how services are delivered to city residents. 

A consent agreement is also in place in River Rouge.