Interactive map helps medical marijuana patients find Detroit dispensaries | Michigan Radio

Interactive map helps medical marijuana patients find Detroit dispensaries

Apr 11, 2017

Medical marijuana users have a new way to learn about caregiver centers in Detroit.

An interactive map will help them track the status of the more than 280 centers across the city.

120 shops are in the application process. Over 60 of them are able to operate in the meantime.

Marvin Jamo, owner of a medical marijuana caregiver center in Detroit, says plenty of people use medical marijuana.

“All sorts of people use medical marijuana, people from all different professions and such, like doctors, lawyers, what have you,” Jamo said. “I think we do need these facilities throughout the city, you know, just to help them get what they need for pain relief and what not.”

Jamo’s shop is one of three to already have full city approval. He says this is a good thing for the city.

“Because it brings the growers and the distributors together instead of people doing all of this stuff in the streets,” he said.

David Bell, Director of the Building Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department for the city of Detroit, believes the map is great for encouraging legal medical marijuana centers.

“Anybody that wants to open up a business in the city of Detroit, we’ve got their back we want to help them open up, but we can’t just have people opening up businesses illegally,” Bell said.

161 shops have been deemed illegal and shut down so far. Click here to access the interactive map.