International developer reveals plans for $500M restoration of Detroit’s Packard Plant

May 19, 2017

The last Packard automobile rolled off the assembly line in Detroit on June 25, 1956. After that, it was used in various ways, but for years the sprawling automobile plant – about 3.5 million square feet –  has sat empty and deteriorating. 

Three years ago, Spanish-born developer Fernando Palazuelo, currently living in Peru, offered hope of a future for the Packard Plant. But we didn't hear much else.

This week, Palazeulo was back in Detroit to finally announce the first phase of development of the Packard Plant.

Kari Smith, director of Development of Arte Express, Palazuelo’s development company, joined Stateside to talk about the future of the Packard Plant and the challenges they face in developing it. Listen above.

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