It’s hard to be ‘Bernie or Bust’ if Bernie (Sanders) is not ‘Bernie or Bust’ | Michigan Radio

It’s hard to be ‘Bernie or Bust’ if Bernie (Sanders) is not ‘Bernie or Bust’

Jul 27, 2016

The division between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Michigan’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention is getting noticed.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison half-jokingly asked, “Am I in the middle of something?” when several Michigan delegates started arguing in the middle of his speech to the delegation this morning.

Sanders delegates, complaining about the treatment of their candidate by the DNC, and Clinton delegates, growing tired of hearing complaints from Sanders delegates, have grown increasing at odds. 

Ellison is a prominent Sanders backer, who introduced the Vermont Senator at the convention Monday.     But he told the Michigan delegation now is time to support Clinton.

“It’s hard to be ‘Bernie or Bust’ if Bernie (Sanders) is not ‘Bernie or Bust,’” Ellison reminded the Michigan delegates. “I don’t know if you saw but Bernie endorsed Hillary.”

Ellison says key parts of Sanders’ agenda have also been included in the party’s platform.

While Clinton supporters warmly applauded Ellison, a table of Sanders’ supporters mainly sat unmoved.  The Minnesota congressman later spoke with several Sanders supporters after the meeting.

Ellison says he’s seen other delegations more “dysfunctional” than Michigan’s.