Jackson's Cascades Falls is in need of repairs

Jul 3, 2012

Twenty thousand people are expected to attend the city of Jackson’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show at the Cascades Falls tonight. 

The man-made Cascades Falls fountains have been a tourist attraction for 80 years.  But a recent report says the fountains are in serious need of repair.



“The report basically identifies a number of items as ‘fully depreciated’. Obviously, to a certain extent that means we’re operating on borrowed time,” Brandon Ransom is Jackson County’s Parks Director.

Recently, they had to replace the fountains main pump. 

Ransom says the Cascades Falls need about 10 million dollars in repairs and other improvements.

He says the county doesn’t have the money right now, but the report does at least give them a sense of what is needed to keep the Cascades Falls flowing into the future.