Job prospects improving in most of Michigan

Apr 27, 2012

Unemployment rates declined in most of Michigan during the past month.

State officials reported Thursday the Detroit Metro region saw the sharpest decline, down about six tenths of a percent from February to March.   Unemployment ticked up slightly in Ann Arbor.

In Lansing, unemployment held steady at 7.2%.

Daniel Zanetti was at a job fair in Lansing Thursday.    The recent college graduate is hopefully he can soon find a job in his field.

"Just for me right now I’m just looking for anything that’s open," says Zanetti,  "And if an employee sees…I can accomplish whatever position that’s available I’m going to go for it.”

Employers at Thursday’s job fair say they are starting to see people looking to change jobs.    That’s a change since the recession began in 2008. 

Emily White is the H-R director of a construction company.   

"Anytime employers are able to hiring it’s a positive thing," says White. 

Michigan's 8.5% statewide unemployment rate is slightly above the national average.