John U. Bacon on the college football playoffs

Jan 8, 2015

Ohio State Football
Credit Flickr user yuan2003 / Flickr

Is it ever appropriate for a Michigan or Michigan State fan to cheer for Ohio State?

Ohio State is the underdog in next Monday's College Football Playoff National Championship game against Oregon.

Michigan Radio's sports commentator John U. Bacon joined us to talk about the championship and the NCAA's new playoff system. The two semi-final playoff games drew in an average of 28 million viewers.

Economically, the playoffs have already proved to be very beneficial for the NCAA. The many bowl games that dominate television around the New Year are privately owned and the NCAA makes no profit and has no control over them. The new playoffs give the NCAA more power over the end of the season and they benefit greatly from such high ratings.

However, the playoffs might not bode well for players. The new system further adds to their long season, allowing more chances for injuries.

Bacon says the NCAA will almost certainly increase future playoffs to include eight teams instead of this year's four.