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JPMorgan Chase identifies Detroit's skills gap

Apr 16, 2015

JPMorgan Chase released a study about the skills gap in Detroit.
Credit Courtesy Quicken Loans

As part of its five-year investment in Detroit, JPMorgan Chase conducted a study of the current state of the city's job force.

It released the report today, which details where there will be job openings, and what training will be needed to get those jobs. 

Chauncy Lennon is the head of workforce initiatives for JPMorgan Chase. 

"By providing people more opportunity, opportunities to get GEDs, opportunities to get other kinds of certificates and credentials, we'll be helping those folks really be in position to be candidates for these jobs."

The study details that 6,000 jobs will open up in health care and manufacturing; however many of the city's residents don't have the proper education or training to get these jobs. The middle-skill job openings require more than a high school degree, but don't require a bachelor's degree. 

Chase hopes to identify ways that businesses, educators, and the city government can help Detroit's citizens be better prepared for the future. 

"We are very excited about having the opportunity to work with everyone in Detroit helping the recovery continue, and helping the recovery flourish, by focusing in on how the work force system contributes to economic vitality," Lennon said. 

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