Judge hears arguments in same sex adoption case | Michigan Radio

Judge hears arguments in same sex adoption case

Jul 12, 2018

Credit Stephen Radford / Unsplash

The ACLU of Michigan wants a federal judge to let its discrimination lawsuit against the state move forward.

The ACLU says a policy that lets faith-based child placement agencies under contract with the state withhold services for religious reasons is unconstitutional. Multiple same sex couples say they were turned away when they tried to adopt from these organizations that receive state money.

The state says there are other agencies for same-sex couples to use.

Leslie Cooper is with the ACLU of Michigan. She says the state’s argument doesn’t hold up.

“It doesn’t sort of change the injury, the harm that happens of being told your kind is unacceptable to be a parent,” says Cooper.

Stephanie Barclay is with the Becket law firm. It represents St. Vincent Catholic Charities, a defendant in the lawsuit. Barclay says without the state’s money, St. Vincent would have to end its adoption services.

“The only people who will lose if the ACLU lawsuit prevails are children in this state who need safe and loving homes,” says Barclay.

The state says the adoption organizations are not state agencies, and the money from the state is not used specifically for faith-based purposes.

The judge did not say when he would rule.