Judge issues injunction in Flint trash dispute

Sep 26, 2016

A dispute between Flint’s mayor and city council over who’ll pick up the city’s trash is headed back to court.

For months, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has been at odds with a majority of the city council over trash pick-up. She wants to hire a new company. The council wants the old one to continue.

Last week, Mayor Karen Weaver hired a new company, Rizzo Environmental Services, to empty Flint trash cans. It started Monday. 

Yesterday, crews from Rizzo and Republic Services spent the day emptying trash cans and avoiding each other as they rolled through different parts of town.

But a judge issued an injunction to return Flint’s trash pick-up duties in Republic Services, for the next few weeks.

Councilman Scott Kincaid asked for the injunction.

He says the judge wants to sit down with the mayor and city council leaders to try to hammer out an agreement on Wednesday.

“Hopefully we’re going to discuss this issue and figure out what needs to be done,” says Kincaid.

No comment from the mayor’s office about the injunction.