Judge tells Flint councilman to choose between re-election or mayor's race

Aug 29, 2017

A Flint city councilman faces a decision: run for re-election in November or run in a potential mayoral recall election.

Scott Kincaid easily won the August primary in Flint’s 9th ward.  A few days later, he filed to run in a mayoral recall against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver.

However, a judge ruled Tuesday that Kincaid can not run in both elections in November. Kincaid has until next Tuesday to decide which seat he’ll pursue.

“In all fairness I probably should make a decision,” Kincaid said, “The decision that I’ll make will be based on a lot of factors, including a major one, my family.”

Circuit Court Judge Geoffrey Neithercut is expected decide next week whether there will be a mayoral recall election in Flint in November.

More than a dozen candidates have filed to run in the recall.   Mayor Karen Weaver is automatically on the ballot to keep her job.