Kalamazoo voters will consider major changes to their city charter on Election Day

Oct 26, 2014

While all the attention on the November election has centered on statewide races for governor and Congress, there are other issues on the ballot.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Voters in several Michigan cities are being asked to make changes to their city charters in next month’s election.

For example, Kalamazoo voters are being asked if they want to make major changes to their roughly century-old city charter.

Kalamazoo voters elect their city commissioners every two years. The top vote-getter serves as mayor.

Credit Steve Carmody / mi

But next month, Kalamazoo voters can change that. 

There are several proposed charter changes on the ballot. One would separate the election of the mayor from the rest of the city council. Another change would stagger and extend commission terms to four years.

These proposals don’t sit well with people who think the current system works fine

But Mayor Bobby Hopewell believes that changes are needed, considering the changes that have taken place in the century since the city charter was written.