Is Kid Rock running for U.S. Senate? "F#@k no." | Michigan Radio

Is Kid Rock running for U.S. Senate? "F#@k no."

Oct 24, 2017

I mean, c'mon. You gotta make a buck somehow.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, just did it by fooling some people into believing he was running for U.S. Senate.

On the Howard Stern show today, Ritchie was asked if he was really running for Senate.

More from the Detroit Free Press:

"F--- no, I’m not running for Senate. Are you kidding me?" Rock said on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show. "Who couldn’t figure that out? I’m releasing a new album. I’m going on tour too. Are you f------ s------- me?"

Speculation around Ritchie's run for U.S. Senate started when he tweeted.... that he would run for U.S. Senate:

The stunt worked. His "bid for U.S. Senate" was covered by the press around the U.S.

Politico wrote a long piece, "Senator Kid Rock, Don't Laugh."

The L.A. Times headlined another piece, "No joke: Kid Rock is a competitive candidate for the U.S. Senate in Michigan."

And NPR wrote the careful headline, "Kid Rock Says Michigan Senate Campaign Website Is 'Not A Hoax.'"

Ritchie continued to fan the flames that he was actually running for U.S. Senate right up until today's announcement on the Howard Stern show.

More from the Freep:

Rock said the Senate idea — which he has publicly toyed with for months — was a mixed blessing.

"It’s the worst advice I ever gave myself, but it's been the most creative thing I’ve ever done," he said. "And I’ve gotten to see everyone’s true colors."

The Kid Rock for Senate website is still up. You can buy "Kid Rock for U.S. Senate" t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers (sold out), and yard signs (sold out).