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Lack of NHTSA Administrator since January causing headaches

Oct 6, 2017

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been without an administrator since January.

Reuters reports former NHTSA officials, consumer groups, lawmakers and some business leaders are urging the Trump Administration to appoint someone.

Amit Narang is with Public Citizen.  He says the situation means tire safety regulations have been put on the back burner.

"Congress has required NHTSA to put out tire safety regulations," Narang said, "These are not optional for NHTSA. And so it's going to be critical that the administration put top personnel in place and I think that starts with the Administrator."

But Narang fears whoever is appointed may be unwilling to set new rules.  He says that could mean standards to prevent buses from rolling over may not be adopted.

Reuters reports that the White House declined to comment on NHTSA but says “capable and professional staff” are filling essential positions throughout the government on an acting basis until confirmations go through.