Lansing Board of Education approves 'improvement plan' | Michigan Radio

Lansing Board of Education approves 'improvement plan'

Jul 19, 2012

The Lansing school district will launch a multi-faceted plan this fall to improve student academic performance.  The plan is about more than just teaching.

The Lansing Board of Education unanimously approved the district improvement plan at last night’s meeting. The plan aims to improve academic performance by addressing a wide range of problems, from reducing kindergarten class sizes to increasing student safety.

Yvonne Caamal Canul is Lansing’s school superintendent. She concedes the efforts probably won’t be reflected in the results of this fall’s standardized tests.

“I’m hoping that during the year though we’ll see reduced suspension rates….as people become more acquainted with the support system that are there for kids,” says Caamal Canul,  “And I’m hoping we’ll have an increase in graduation rates.”

The superintendent says the intent of the improvement plan is to create a culture that fosters caring, collaboration and excellence.

“The more attention you pay to a successful outcome….the more likely that successful outcome will happen,” says Caamal Canul. “That’s one of our goals…I think next fall we’ll see the change.”

The plan will be submitted to the state next week.   It's required in order for the district to qualify for a variety of federal funds.