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Lansing mayor wants more ideas on moving city hall

Feb 15, 2018

Artist concept of Beitler redevelopment plan
Credit Beitler Real Estate Services

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor is reopening, slightly, the bidding process involved in the sale of city hall. 

Last year, Beitler Real Estate Services’ plan to turn city hall into a hotel was chosen over three other bidders.  The plan also called for turning the old Lansing State Journal building into the capitol city’s new city hall.   

Schor says he’s satisfied with the Chicago-based developer’s plans to turn Lansing city hall into a hotel, but Schor says he wants more information on where city offices would go. 

The mayor’s asking the four developers who bid on the old city hall to provide more info on their plans for a new city hall. He’s giving the developers 30-days to submit the additional paperwork. 

Schor says he wants a better idea of the costs, as well as where the courts, the city lock-up and police offices would also end up.

We wanted to start the clock on the 30 days to get information from the developers on where new city hall would be…and the same time look at the other pieces as well,” says Schor, ““I’m not interested in moving forward without a complete plan.”

Schor calls this a “50-year decision”.   

Once the developers deliver the supplemental information, the mayor and other groups, including Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) will evaluate the possible options.  Schor promises “a thorough but speedy conclusion.”

“We just need to piece together additional information and sort out what fits where best and at what benefit and cost to the city,” says Bob Trezise, President and CEO, LEAP.