Larry Nassar sentenced to 40-125 years in Eaton County Circuit Court | Michigan Radio

Larry Nassar sentenced to 40-125 years in Eaton County Circuit Court

Feb 5, 2018

Larry Nassar was sentenced Monday to 40-125 years in Eaton County Circuit Court.

The former sports doctor pled guilty to three counts of first degree criminal sexual assault. That's in addition to seven counts in Ingham County, for which he was sentenced to 40-175 years.

The sentences in Eaton and Ingham are separate, but will be served concurrently, if Nassar survives the 60 years he is set to spend in federal prison for child pornography.

The charges in Ingham County largely focused on the abuse Nassar committed on the campus of Michigan State University. The Eaton County charges were related to incidents at Twistars, an elite gymnastics club run by John Geddert. Geddert was recently suspended from working with USA Gymnastics.

Sixty-five survivors spoke in Eaton County, following the 156 who spoke in Ingham. The prosecuting attorney says 265 victims have come forward since Rachael Denhollander made the first public accusations against Nassar in 2016. Many parents also gave statements, including an incident on Friday when a father of three victims rushed at Nassar, disrupting the courtroom.

"The ramifications of each person is unique, and each person's thoughts and feelings are important. Each person's voice and feelings does make a difference," said Judge Janice Cunningham.