Lawsuit to toss out right-to-work goes to court this week

Apr 2, 2013

An Ingham County Judge tomorrow will decide whether to let an anti-right-to-work lawsuit go forward.

The ACLU of Michigan says the new state law should be tossed out because it was passed in violation of the Open Meetings Act. The suit says lawmakers deliberately locked members of the public out of the state Capitol as the legislation was introduced and passed in December.

ACLU Attorney Dan Korobkin says members of the state House sent staffers to fill public seats in the gallery.

“Those facts, which we’ve submitted evidence for, demonstrate that there was something different going on here. This wasn’t a case of there just being too many crowds. There was an orchestrated effort to keep the public out of the Capitol during this controversial time.”

State Attorney General Bill Schuette says police stopped letting more people into the building due to safety concerns. He’s asking the judge to dismiss the case.