The legal fight over Flint's water moves into a new phase Monday

Aug 30, 2015

A judge will consider granting class action status  on Monday to a lawsuit against the city of Flint in the continuing legal fight over that city’s water rates.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Giving the lawsuit class action status could expand the suit to include as many as 30,000 Flint water and sewer customers. 

Since the city raised rates by 35% in 2011, many Flint residents say they can’t afford the higher bills.

Earlier this month, Judge Archie Hayman issued an injunction ordering the city to cut city water bills. The city plans to start sending out bills with a lower rate in September, unless the Court of Appeals grants a stay of the lower court order.

City attorneys have warned forcing the city to repay millions of dollars to customers and the city’s water fund "will have a devastating financial impact” on the city of Flint.