The legend of the Nain Rouge comes to life

Nov 24, 2014

Credit illustrations by Patrick McEvoy and graphic design by Carl Winans / http://www.folktellerstories.com/

The Nain Rouge. Detroit's little red hobgoblin. The harbinger of doom and disaster.

The legend of the Nain Rouge goes back to the very earliest days of Detroit's history as a French settlement.

Now, the story of the Nain Rouge is being told through a series of fiction books, a graphic novel and a planned short film. Josef Bastian is the writer and creator of the Nain Rouge Trilogy and the Nain Rouge Graphic Novel. Bastian is a partner in Folkteller Publishing with Carl Winans, who is a producer and digital story-teller.

Bastian says timing and opportunity led him to the project, after he lost his job during the economic downturn of 2008.

In his down time, Bastian started researching the Nain Rouge, and found there was little back story to the legend, essentially leaving him a blank slate to work with. The creators say the story is a universal one, and that people will connect to it because of its visual elements.

Click on the link above to listen to Josef Bastian and Carl Winans above, and view their website here.