Lessenberry on Little Caesars lawsuit, Gov. Snyder's tax incentive plan

Jul 12, 2017

Last month, Detroit city council approved $34.5 million in bonds to help pay for the Pistons move to Little Caesars Arena. That property-tax money would have gone to schools, but will now be reimbursed to the teams' owners. Now, the NBA and the companies that own the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings have been added to a federal lawsuit against Detroit's public school district.

Activist Robert Davis filed the lawsuit. He says Detroiters should've been allowed to vote on how their tax money is used. Senior political analyst Jack Lessenberry tells "Morning Edition" host Doug Tribou whether he thinks Davis has a chance of winning the case. 

They also talk about the federal corruption case against state Senator Bert Johnson, whether Gov. Rick Snyder and House speaker Tom Leonard will reach a deal over a tax incentive plan that Gov. Snyder says would encourage big businesses to bring jobs to Michigan, and the spending habits of athletic departments at Michigan's state colleges.