Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson hoping for a "seismic shift" on Election Day

Oct 28, 2016

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks to supporters at Cobo Center in Detroit
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke to a small but enthusiastic crowd in Detroit last night.

“Don’t vote for Trump ... Don’t vote for Clinton,” shouted Johnson to several hundred supporters gathered at Cobo Center.  

The crowd cheered Johnson’s calls for eliminating the U.S. Department of Education, dismantling the Department of Homeland Security and pardoning Edward Snowden. 

Before the rally, Gary Johnson told reporters his “small government” message is “resonating” with voters --  at least the ones his campaign is able to reach.

“We’re getting outspent by Hillary by 100 to 1. We’re getting outspent by Trump 50 to 1," says Gary Johnson
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Johnson says he’s being outspent by Democrat Hillary Clinton by 100 to 1, and Republican Donald Trump by 50 to 1. But he believes his campaign is getting the best return from voters.

“Divide the amount of money that each candidate spends by the number of votes that they get and I’m going to end up at the top of that heap by a big, big margin,” says Johnson.  

Johnson is currently running a distant third in presidential polls in Michigan.

Gary Johnson admits it will take a “seismic shift” for him to win the presidency next month. But he says the revival of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and Donald Trump’s ongoing campaign gaffes could convince Michigan voters to shift to him on Election Day.