Listen to the awkward questions people ask trans youth | Michigan Radio

Listen to the awkward questions people ask trans youth

May 4, 2016

The issues facing transgender people have received a lot of attention lately. This is due, in large part, to the "bathroom bills" that have been proposed in state and local governments.

Michigan is one of those states with a transgender bathroom bill in the works that would require transgender individuals to only use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their birth sex, unless they have written consent from a parent or guardian.

Michigan Radio's recent State of Opportunity special Breaking ground: being young and transgender in Michigan explores transgender issues and what it's like to be young and trans.

For many people, this is a new and unfamiliar topic, so naturally there are going to be plenty of questions. Even the people who are supportive of trans individuals, may have trouble asking the right questions.

For a portion of that special, Michigan Radio's Cass Adair spoke with a variety of trans kids and asked them about some of the questions that they have been asked. Fair warning: Some of the answers are awkward and cringe-worthy.