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"Little Free Libraries" popping up around Detroit

Nov 6, 2014

Take a book. Leave a book.

This is the simple idea behind the Little Free Library movement.

It was launched in 2009 in Madison, Wisconsin. In just a few short years, the movement spread to the point where today there are thousands and thousands of Little Free Libraries all over the world.

Now the Little Free Library movement is taking root in Detroit.

Organizer Kim Kozlowski is the higher education reporter for the Detroit News, and she's the driving force behind the Detroit Little Free Library.

You can listen to our conversation with Kozlowski here:


The movement has already received tremendous support from the community since its start this summer. They recently received a donation of 148 crates of brand new books found when cleaning an abandoned warehouse. The founder of the movement has also given the city a gift of 20 Little Free Libraries.

The next goal for Detroit's Little Free Libraries is to partner with local woodworkers to create libraries made of material from abandoned houses in Detroit. Their current indiegogo campaign aims to create 313 Little Free Libraries all across the city. 

For more information on Detroit's Little Free Libraries visit their website.