'Little House on the Prairie' star Melissa Gilbert moves to Michigan

Aug 5, 2013

It's time to jump in the way-back machine:

Reports and tweets indicate that Laura Ingalls Wilder Melissa Gilbert has moved from Hollywood Hills to Howell, Michigan.

Gilbert has been sending tweets and photos of her journey (by moving truck, not covered wagon).

She wrote about looking forward to "small town life" on her blog, "Melissa's Mid-life Musings."

Golly I've done a lot of moving in the past two decades...this Saturday, I will be leaving LA and moving to a small town in Michigan. 

my very own version of Bedford falls.

For me this is a massive change. Its scary as hell but, it is time.

I need a place where I can be at peace and create. Whether that is writing or doing theater or cooking, needle pointing or gardening. I'm ready to live somewhere that I can have neighbors with casseroles, drive in movies and Dairy Queen.

Gilbert's tie to Michigan is her new husband, actor Timothy Busfield, who was born in Lansing.

Busfield starred in the television series "Thirtysomething" and had a recurring role on "West Wing," but if we're going to identify Melissa Gilbert for one big role (she's done much more than just play Laura Ingalls Wilder), we should give props to Timothy Busfield's one really big role.

Who can forget his role as Arnold Poindexter in "Revenge of the Nerds"?

It's so good, someone put it on loop: