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Looking Back on "France Magnifique" with Cynthia Canty

Aug 23, 2019

Michigan Radio travelers gathered in France with Cynthia Canty, July 2019.
Credit Michigan Radio

“Vive le France!”

That’s what Michigan Radio travelers were saying during their two-weeks exploring the beauty, history and fabulous food of France this July.

Stateside host Cynthia Canty joined with Michigan Radio listeners for the France Magnifique tour. They were led by tour director Greg Hall. Along with being a West Michigander, Greg is a loyal Michigan Radio listener, a skilled guide with Collette Tours and a native French speaker. It was a perfect fit!

Michigan Radio listeners bonding in Paris, July 2019.
Credit Michigan Radio

The tour kicked off in Paris with a perfect evening cruise on the Seine, docking right near the Eiffel Tower.

That was the first adventure of many over the next two weeks. On to Normandy to walk the hallowed D-Day beaches of Omaha and Utah. The long-but-worthwhile climb up to the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

Through Brittany and on to the Loire Valley. Exploring the medieval city of Avignon, with its famed Palace of the Popes.

Patisserie in France.
Credit Cynthia Canty / Michigan Radio

Discovering fabulous food markets, enjoying wonderful meals and good wine. Cyndy joined with listeners Linda and Alye to be guided by Michelin-star Chef Jean-Marc Larrue in making lavender-infused creme brûlée!

The final stop was in the south of France, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, to explore Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Friendships and lasting memories were made: the best reward of a Michigan Radio tour!

You can view more photos from the France Magnifique trip here.

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Credit Cynthia Canty / Michigan Radio