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Macomb County picks construction firm for sinkhole fix

Mar 13, 2017

Macomb County officials approved $45 million in construction costs today to fix a massive sinkhole there.


The Macomb Interceptor Drainage District board approved a contract with a new construction firm to repair the collapsed sewer pipe in Fraser. 


The board also approved paying for the work that has been done in the area to date. 


The sinkhole, which was discovered on Christmas Eve and caused dozens of homes to be evacuated, has condemned three homes. 


Candice Miller, the county’s public works commissioner, is excited that the winning bid came from a local company.


“We’re delighted that the low bid and the recommended bid is actually a Macomb County contract, so that’s just a plus,” Miller said. 


Miller says the next step in fixing the sinkhole is to insert a bypass for the current sewage interceptor. 


“You will be able to take the flow out of the broken, collapsed interceptor and put this into this long-term bypass, and that will be the flow going forward for the remainder of the construction,” she said.


County officials say the entire cost to fix the sinkhole, which includes repaving the streets when the pipes are fixed, is between $70 and $75 million.