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Man who spray painted racist messages at EMU sentenced

May 23, 2018

Eddie Curlin has been sentenced to 2-5 years in prison for spray painting racist message at EMU, along with unrelated identity theft charges
Credit MDOC

In 2016, 29-year old Eddie Curlin had been charged with receiving and concealing stolen property when he devised a plan to wiggle out of his trouble with the law. 

He thought authorities would drop the charges if he spray painted racist messages on Eastern Michigan University buildings, and then pretended to be an informant who could help police find the vandal. 

The racist messages caused distress and anger among students, and the plan went awry. After police figured out he was the culprit, they also discovered unrelated identity theft crimes he'd committed.  

Curlin was sentenced to two to five years on the new charges to run concurrently with his sentence on the receiving and concealing charges.  

Curlin must also repay EMU for the vandalism cleanup costs and repay the credit card company he defrauded.