Many bills will have to wait as Michigan lawmakers turn their focus to campaigning

Sep 22, 2016

Michigan legislators are turning their attention from away lawmaking to campaigning.

State lawmakers have a couple days on their calendar next month, but for the most part, Michigan legislators will be busy campaigning.

But as state lawmakers leave Lansing, there’s still more to do on the legislative agenda.

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley says it’s a common problem nearing the end of a legislative term. State lawmakers leave to campaign for re-election and leave thousands of bills waiting for action.

Calley says sponsors have to be patient and wait for the lame duck session after the November election.  

“In our system, perseverance pays off,” says Calley, who has several pieces of legislation stuck in the backlog of bills.

Among the things left on the legislative backburner, legislation dealing with electricity regulation and the Flint water crisis.