Many Michiganders are betting on a 'green' Christmas this year

Dec 23, 2011

 Shopping malls won’t be the only retailers doing brisk business this weekend.  

The Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries have a combined jackpot of about $300 million.   

Andi Brancato is the Michigan Lottery’s spokeswoman.   She says big jackpots usually draw in people who don’t normally buy lottery tickets.   And Brancato says that’s good news to Michigan’s eleven thousand lottery retailers. 

 “They usually see a flurry of activity…and I expect they will be seeing it now more than they would be otherwise with the holiday season this weekend coming up," says Brancato.   

Brancato says if no one wins the lottery this weekend, there will be even more demand next week when the jackpots are even bigger.