Marijuana legalization may land on the ballot in 2016 | Michigan Radio

Marijuana legalization may land on the ballot in 2016

Mar 14, 2015

Michigan voters may decide in 2016 if they want to legalize marijuana.

Organizers hope to start a petition drive this summer to put the issue on the ballot.

Rick Thompson is with the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee.

He says the path has been laid by decriminalization votes in nearly two dozen Michigan cities.

“I think they have been incredibly valuable,” says Thompson, “And we’ll build on those successes with this organization and our new effort.”

A new campaign wants to move beyond medical marijuana to full legalization
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Michigan bans marijuana use and possession unless it's medical marijuana.

Currently only Colorado, Alaska and Washington are the only states where recreational use of marijuana is legal.  

“The time is right and people are demanding a comprehensive petition that protects medical marijuana, creates a responsible tax and regulation system for adult use age 21 and over,” says Lansing attorney Jeffrey Hank, who chairs the campaign.