Maryland joins the Big Ten, Rutgers reported to follow

Nov 19, 2012

The Terrapins are coming to the Big Ten.

ESPN.com reported it first:

The University of Maryland's Board of Regents on Monday voted unanimously to accept an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference and leave the Atlantic Coast Conference, sources told ESPN on Monday.

The board unanimously approved the move to the Big Ten, a regent told ESPN. An afternoon announcement in College Park, Md., is expected.

That makes 13 schools so you need a 14th to even it out.

The Scarlet Knights ride to the rescue?

ESPN.com reports Rutgers is expected to follow Maryland into the conference.

Sources also said that Rutgers is expected to follow the Terrapins and will announce its own move from the Big East to the Big Ten, possibly as early as Tuesday. A Scarlet Knights move would give the Big Ten 14 members.

Rutgers' Board of Governors is holding a regularly scheduled meeting Monday in New Brunswick, N.J.